The Bracelet is Lava

The Bracelet is Lava

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The vesuvianite stones on this bracelet were forged in the lava of a volcano. The silver looks molten too, but we promise it won't burn your wrist!


vesuvianite, sterling silver

Vesuvianite is named for the volcano where it was first discovered, Mount Vesuvius. It can occur in many different colors, but translucent green is the most prized.

Silver, oh silver. This lustrous white metal is amazing - more reflective than gold, more conductive than copper and just plain gorgeous. When used for jewelry, silver is mixed with copper or zinc to provide more durability and reduce tarnishing. Fine silver is 99.9% silver while sterling silver is 92.5%. Other alloys are used for specific processes, such as reticulation (80% silver). All silver will tarnish over time, but can be easily cleaned and polished.

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