Custom Silver Stackers
Custom Silver Stackers

Custom Silver Stackers

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Wear these stackers alone for a minimal look or together with other rings. Your ring will be made specifically for you with the texture and band shape you choose.
Please leave a note during checkout with your desired ring size.

Available Bands

  • round - no edges
  • half round - curved on the outside but flat on the inside
  • flat - rectangular wire with soft edges where the faces meet

Available Textures:

  • shiny - bright, mirror finish with no other detail
  • matte - softer finish with brushed texture
  • hammered - flattened planes that reflect light at different angles
  • pebble - stamped with round indentations
  • wildcard - different shaped indentations or other surprise textures


sterling silver

Silver, oh silver. This lustrous white metal is amazing - more reflective than gold, more conductive than copper and just plain gorgeous. When used for jewelry, silver is mixed with copper or zinc to provide more durability and reduce tarnishing. Fine silver is 99.9% silver while sterling silver is 92.5%. Other alloys are used for specific processes, such as reticulation (80% silver). All silver will tarnish over time, but can be easily cleaned and polished.


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